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Jailbreak Library Privacy Added

Jailbreak Library Privacy Added

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In the latest release of jailbreak library (1.4.2), i integrated Tappx sdk into the app.

What Is Tappx?
Your probably asking what is Tappx, Tappx is a service that allows developers to promote other developers apps with in my apps. The same can be said about my apps in other developers apps because they promote my apps in their apps, while i promote their apps in my apps.
After adding it to Jailbreak Library in 1.4.1, Google Play took of my apps and asked me to include a privacy policy within the app. And just like other apps, users need to agree to the policy in order to start using the app. It only shows up once, and hopefully only once.
Unlike other services that will promote my app by CPC (cost per click) and CPI (Cost per Install), i prefer to promote my apps for free or little money down.

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