Checkra1n beta 0.9.6

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Note: Jailbreaklibrary nor its website maker/developer is not responsible for any of the jailbreak software “Archived” here. Each software “archived” belong to their respected developer(s) and I will don’t take credit for the jailbreak software.  (Archived Explained on the “Archiving” tab)

Checkra1n beta 0.9.6


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Bug fixes

  • Fixes support for the iPad 6th Generation
  • Fixes an issue where A7 devices would report an error code on success
  • Fixes an issue where jailbreak app icons would show up on the boot after using loader’s “Restore System” functionality
  • Makes the loader app more resilient to errors occurring after a long uptime
  • Fixes an issue where Loader and Cydia would fail with a no internet connection message on Chinese iPhones
  • Fixes an issue where the the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard would disconnect
  • Fixes an issue where fast charging did not work

Other changes

  • Add support for jailbreaking Apple TVs from within the same app
  • Added support for the iPad 5th Generation, iPad Air 2nd Generation the iPad Pro 1st Generation
  • Added support for iOS 13.2.3
  • Re-engineered the command line interface from the ground up
  • Drastically improved loader’s speed
  • Restructured loaderd and friends into separate launch daemons to survive userland reboot and removed insult from daemon name
  • Export kernel base and other useful things for developers (see jbctl for details)

If you are experiencing the -20, please rejailbreak with the no-substrate mode option checked in the app, and see if removing tweaks resolves your issue.

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